Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Koreshan State Park

The Koreshan State Park field trip was an unique experience. The Koreshans were a unique people. In addition, it was interesting to learn that Koreshanity was a completely man-made religion based on utopian beliefs. Koreshanity, seemed to be more like a cult. I personally believe that any religion made by humans is highly subjective to fallacies. In particular, the idea that Dr. Teed believed that he was the messiah was a fallacy in itself. Furthermore, anther fallacious belief held by Dr.Teed was that he could redeem humanity. It seems contradicting that another human can redeem another human. I didn't particularly find this field trip as interesting as our last trip, however I did learn a lot about the history of the Koreshan people.

I related what we saw at Koreshan State Park to topics discussed in class such as sense of place because the Koreshan's gave much meaning to their community. To the Koreshan's, the environment was very important to them and they believed that they should utilize their land to build things within their community. Some of the plant species that I remember seeing on the nature trail were bamboo like trees. They were really tall, skinny tress that were very close to each other. These distinctly stood out to me because I thought they were really pretty trees and I'd never seen them before.

I see the benefit of preserving historic sights such as these. Doing so helps future generations to learn the history of past generations and how we have evolved over time as a society. It was interesting to learn that Dr.Teed had so many followers. After he died, many people believed that he would be resurrected and the Koreshan people waited 2 days until his body would resurrect into heaven. I am not surprised about some of the fallacies of the Koreshan beliefs but it was interesting to learn about the history.